Working to help the Town of Lincoln to create and sustain a welcoming, inclusive and diverse culture that actively supports the equitable and just treatment of all individuals in the community.

Supporting Individuals and Organizations with Equity Work

We are here for you. Lincoln is small and the same sets of volunteers often run multiple organizations. We’re looking to help everyone in town expand capacity by working to help you not overlap in your work.
We developed a series of trainings for all individuals in Lincoln to attend. Many organizations in town will sent at least one or two leaders. This will begin to sew the seeds of anti-racism throughout every community space in town. Thanks to the support of the Ogden Codman Trust, we offered the trainings for free.

We also continue to develop trainings like Equity Pause trainings. Please contact us for your specific needs.

We are looking to hear from you about what you need from us. Tell us how we can support you. We want to hear what you’ve started working on, what you feel successful at, and where you could use information, support or guidance.

We have helped groups navigate how to collect and incorporate voices of various stakeholders, how to center equity in the design and implementation of their projects, and how to create a culture of respect and repair. 
Maybe you have been working to actively diversify your leadership, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to talking to members about hurtful comments made during meetings. Part of our mission is to build a library of resources that organizations can contribute to and learn from. We’re hoping you’ll share documents, websites and ideas for others to use, as well as let us point you towards information from other organizations in town. If we don’t know the answer yet, we will work to help you find it.

Do we need to be a group centered on race equity?
No. If our town is going to be anti-racist, then all parts of the community, from the girl scouts to the garden club, from the Lincoln Youth Soccer to the Library, every organization in town, must work to create an environment where all people feel truly welcome.

So what do you need from us?

We would love if you would fill out this form or contact us for a meeting so that we can be sure to include the voice of the community while we design our trainings, meetings and plans for the future.